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The same wildfire prevention, mitigation and response services CHLOETA’s professional staff provide to governmental and commercial clients is now available to homeowners and Homeowner’s Associations (HOA). Become a Chloeta wildfire protected member today to ensure that your home is protected when a wildfire occurs.



Our firm is a national leader in wildland fire management related consulting services and has serviced the insurance industry specifically since 2011. We have recently expanded our insurer services program to include a broader range of services for more clients.

Core Competencies Include:

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis
  • Underwriter Support
  • Policyholder Services
  • Insured Property Defensibility Inspection/Recommendations
  • Homeowner Education
  • 24/7/365 Nationwide Hazard Threat Assessment
  • Loss Prevention Response

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Services Offered

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis & Underwriting Support: From strategic landscape level conclusions, to site specific individual insured property specificity, our team of consultants can provide science-based risk modeling to insurers. To mitigate the risk of wildfire losses our expert consultants can also establish or revise underwriting requirements, in alignment with existing regulatory requirements. This assistance to underwriters can assist in more thoroughly and objectively analyzing risk levels to insurers as well assist in making decisions regarding binding new policies or renewing existing policies. This service can also allow underwriters to work through agents to assist policyholders in making their property more defensible from wildfires.
  • Insured Property Assessments: Chloeta can provide a standardized, in-person wildfire assessment of individual insured properties utilizing experienced professional wildland firefighters. Our staff can visit with policyholders to evaluate their property and assess its vulnerability if a wildfire were to occur and assign an objective risk level rating. Following the site visit with the policyholder final reports are composed for both the policyholder and the insurer. The recommendations outlined in this report can assist policyholders with decreasing the likelihood that their property will incur a wildfire claim while the insurer report can assist in underwriting the mitigation actions. Post mitigation inspections can also be performed to ensure that the policyholder implemented the recommendations from the initial site visit in alignment with underwriting requirements and ensure that these mitigating
    activities are sustained on the insured property.
  • Policyholder Education: In addition to conducting a wildfire risk assessment at the insured property level, our experienced wildland fire management professionals can also
    work to educate policyholders on the need to develop and implement proven wildfire defensibility strategies. From a risk mitigation perspective, by raising awareness and promoting
    sustainable mitigating actions, the wildfire threat can be lessened upon insurers. Our consultants can educate policy holders on established wildland fire prevention programs such
    as Firewise, Ready, Set, Go, and other local level initiatives. These programs provide policyholders with the opportunity to better prepare their home to survive a catastrophic wildfire, well in advance of the actual incident occurring.
  • 24/7/365 Nationwide Hazard Threat Assessment: Chloeta employees former career federal and state wildland fire management personnel with extensive experience in staffing and managing Coordination Centers. Consequently, Chloeta operates a 24/7/365 nationwide hazard threat assessment operation from our Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Our staff of intelligence specialists, meteorologists and GIS personnel continuously monitor active wildfires and areas of expected activity nationally relative to our client’s insured properties. Our firm can provide daily and realtime reporting on individual threatened properties as well as evacuation orders. Gathering, analyzing and summarizing this intelligence and communicating it to our insurance industry clients is a critical step in the process of providing overall wildfire risk mitigation and loss prevention services.
  • Loss Prevention Incident Response: If warranted, our firm can mobilize experienced National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) qualified wildland firefighters and apparatus to respond to an incident and provide pre-suppression loss prevention services. Our incident response services are not intended to supplant existing agency emergency responders or be an initial attack response force; however, when insured properties are threatened by wildfires our staff can lessen the risk to insurers by implementing proven mitigation tactics.

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