Chloeta Fire is an International Leader in Environmental and Emergency Response Solutions.

Having a Cadre comprised of experienced Incident Management Team (IMT) members from the Type 1, Type 2, Area Command and NIMO teams CHLOETA stands ready to assist your agency, organization or company in a disaster. The CHLOETA AHIMT can be configured in a “short” (Command and General Staff positions only), “long” (Command, General Staff and Unit Leaders), or customized manner to meet your immediate incident response and support needs.

If you have an incident imminent or ongoing please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to find out your support options. We can have typically have our staff on site at your incident within twenty-four (24) hours or less from the time of contract execution anywhere CONUS. Our 24/7/365 Operations Duty Officer (ODO) is always available

CHLOETA’s All-Hazards solutions are designed for any client type but can be specifically tailored for any of the following:

  • Tribal Governments
  • Federal Agencies
  • County or Municipal Governments
  • Public Works or Utilities
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Private Sector

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CHLOETA Cadre can provide capacity building for your organization to respond to emergency situations through a variety of proven methods and strategies:

  • IMT Formation
  • Training + Education
  • Exercise Design + Facilitation
  • Credentialing + Qualifications
  • Incident Deployment
  • Planned Events

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CHLOETA is recognized as an industry leader in the following areas of standardized and customized training solutions:

  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIM

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All-Hazard Incident Training and Education

CHLOETA has on staff the largest Cadre in the U.S. of former NIMO, Area Command, Type 1, Type 2 Incident Management Team (IMT) practitioners and possess an expert level understanding of complex interagency and multi-agency coordination at all levels of government, NGOs and the private sector.

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Wildfire Incident Management

Under a Delegation of Authority our team can assume full control of an incident for you, or our staff can be used to fill in gaps within your own IMT roster with qualified and experienced individuals.

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Chloeta Fire Disaster Response

We’re capable of providing a variety of skilled and experienced incident management personnel and quality equipment for all types of emergency incidents.

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Emergency Management by Chloeta Fire

Implementing strategies across the nation, Chloeta coordinates real-time with EOCs to analyze threats and serious disasters in order to stabilize situations with a greater emphasis on public safety and speed.

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Aviation Support Services

Along with a network of teaming partners, Chloeta Fire (CFI) is capable of providing a variety of aviation assets and support services including the following aircraft for a diverse range of missions. These aircraft are available for both 8(a) and HUBZone set-aside and sole source procurement activities.

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Chloeta Fire Environmental Consulting

Trained consultants utilized to improve safety along trails and roadways, as well as adjacent campgrounds, infrastructure, residential and commercial improvements particularly after natural disaster such as a hurricane or when timber has been adversely impacted by insect and disease.

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Environmental Consulting Provided By Chloeta Fire

Chloeta maintains an entire cadre of certified instructors capable of delivering in depth instruction on a multitude of incident management and wildland fire topics.

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