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CHLOETA has on staff the largest Cadre in the U.S. of former NIMO, Area Command, Type 1, Type 2 Incident Management Team (IMT) practitioners and possess an expert level understanding of complex interagency and multi-agency coordination at all levels of government, NGOs and the private sector.

Interdisciplinary Fields

No other incident management consulting firm can boast this level of real world subject matter expertise across the full range of natural hazards and security risks. Each Cadre member has been carefully selected based on years of actual large incident and complex incident response and a passion and talent for adult education within the incident management environment.

Our Cadre can provide a number of training and consulting solutions relative to your entity’s need for All-Hazards Incident Management capacity building. This nationwide network is able to provide specific training or consulting at any location CONUS or OCONUS. We are the All-Hazards Incident Management capacity building experts. Our areas of specialty include:

  • Improving organizational, team and individual capacity and capability
  • Identifying gaps
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Fostering coordination and teamwork, often among dis-aggregated or maligned entities
  • Developing individuals and teams resulting in better performance
  • Serving as thought leaders in the effort to strengthen our national response capacity

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All-Hazard Incident Training and Education

Recent examples of incidents that our personnel have participated in as members of an Incident Management Team (IMT) include:

  • FM-5116, 2015 Hidden Pines Wildfire, Texas
  • FM-5110, 2015 Teepee Springs Wildfire, Idaho
  • DR-4158, 2013 Rim Wildfire, California
  • DR-4086, 2012 Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey
  • FM-5000, 2012 Freedom Wildfire, Oklahoma
  • FM-2979, 2012 Little Bear Wildfire, New Mexico
  • DR-4134, 2013 Black Forest Wildfire, Colorado
  • FM-2980, 2012 High Park Wildfire, Colorado
  • DR-4067, 2012 Waldo Canyon Wildfire, Colorado
  • FM-2956, 2011 Ferguson Wildfire, Oklahoma
  • FM-2917, 2011 Wallow Wildfire, New Mexico
  • FM-2915, 2011 Wallow Wildfire, Arizona
  • FM-2932, 2011 Medicine Park Wildfire, Oklahoma
  • FM-2874, 2011 Osage County Wildfire Complex, Oklahoma
  • DR-1786, 2008 Hurricane Gustav, Louisiana
  • DR-1792, 2008 Hurricane Ike, Louisiana
  • EM-3171, 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster, Texas

CHLOETA’s All-Hazards solutions are designed for any client type but can be specifically tailored for any of the following:

  • Tribal Governments
  • Federal Agencies
  • County or Municipal Governments
  • Public Works or Utilities
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Private Sector

CHLOETA Cadre can provide capacity building for your organization to respond to emergency situations through a variety of proven methods and strategies:

  • IMT Formation
  • Training + Education
  • Exercise Design + Facilitation
  • Credentialing + Qualifications
  • Incident Deployment
  • Planned Events

CHLOETA is recognized as an industry leader in the following areas of standardized and customized training solutions:

  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIM